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Let's Talk About  YOUR Curls! 


(toward haircut or styling appointment ) 

(15 mins)

In Person or Virtual Consultation. 

the curly hair cut 

Full Curly Hair Cut treatment 

Curly Cut performed in its natural state. 

Session includes:

  • Haircut 

  • Hair and scalp detox

  • steam treatment 

  • Curly Set 

The curly hair trim 

Curly Hair Cut Maintenance 

Includes: Curly Cut, and and Curly Set 

the curl trim only

Includes Curly Hair Trim ONLY

All services added are  A La Carte

If you answered YES

 to one or more of these questions you are in the Curly Club!


 We are experts at cutting curly hair. Let us trim, shape and manage your curls.

We offer the option of drying under the hair dryer or diffusing rather than a typical blow dry. 

We explain daily routines for managing and maintaining various curly textures, including at home responsibilities.

Are you using the right products? Learn what products are best  for your hair texture.


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